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EKT33G3P2 (Lubricated, High Wear-Resistance)

Type: Engineering Polymers
CAS#: 88995-51-1


KetoprixTM EKT33G3P2 resins are thermoplastic aliphatic polyketone compounds where the polyketone base polymer consists of perfectly alternating α-olefins and CO to give the 1,4-diketone polymer backbone structure. To this base resin, fiber reinforcement, additional thermal stabilizers and high wear-resistant lubricants are added to achieve desired mechanical

These compounded resins are formulated for Injection Molded parts where higher strength and stiffness combined with high wear resistance and low surface friction are required. KetoprixTM EKT33G3P2 compounds are typically used in E&E, Automotive, Consumer, Appliance and Industrial End Uses.

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