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KMR Series

KMR Series: Crosslinked Polymethylacrylate

Characteristics: Wide dispersed, ultra-high crosslinked acrylic powder with high heat resistance. Resistant to decomposition and yellowing. Excellent solvent resistance.

Applications: Used in the development of high-luminance, light diffusion sheets as a light diffusion agent, and employed for the antiblocking layer on the reverse side of the sheet. The heat resistant properties are beneficial in combined use with PC resins known for high kneading temperatures. Matting agent in paints; offers improved weather-ability and scratch resistance and has excellent dispersion characteristics.


  • True specific gravity: 1.19
  • Refraction index: 1.49
  • Decomposition temperature (°C): 290 to 300
  • (Reference value: 10% thermal decomposition temperature in air)

Product Particle size (μm) CAS#

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