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Ketoprix™ ... Esprix's New Aliphatic Polyketone


For  more  than  a  decade,  there  has  been  a  void  in  the  Engineering Polymers  (EP)  portfolio  of  high-value,  cost  effective  materials  for designers’ selections.  Material engineers and scientists have had to make  do  with  the  current  slate  of  polyamides,  polyesters  and fluoropolymers.    Now  comes  a  new  class  of  EPs,  Esprix’s  aliphatic Polyketone, Ketoprix™.

Ketoprix™ is a semi-crystalline, high melting point EP, with excellent mechanical toughness, resilience and chemical resistance.  It has a broad range of useful applications in Automotive, Oil & Gas, Chemical Process Industries  (CPI),  Electrical  &  Electronics  (E&E),  Industrial,  and  the Consumer,  Appliance,  Medical  (CAM)  segments,  including  Business Machines.  And now Ketoprix™ is available from Esprix Technologies in natural, compounded, injection molding, blow molding and extrusion grades.    Compounded  grades  include  fiber  reinforcement,  fillers, colorants, and specialty compounds for thermally conductive and fire retardant applications.

See what you can develop with Ketoprix™, a new engineering polymer.  If you don’t see what you need, we’ll make it for you!

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