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Esprix serves many diverse industries with our product portfolio. We sell printed circuit board and chipset manufacturing chemicals into Semiconductors / Microelectronics, aluminum flux and brazing chemicals into Automotive (Tier I), Digital Imaging products such as inkjet and electrophotography toner chemicals and our aliphatic polyketone resins into Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Consumer, Appliance, Medical, Business Machines, Industrial, Chemical and Oil & Gas industries.

Esprix manufactures our own specialty toner products for use in printing security documents and printing on ceramics, metals and textiles. We also distribute a wide range of performance chemicals in Catalysis, Coatings, Paints, Inks and other Specialty Chemical industries. With this diverse portfolio of performance products, Esprix knows how many industries work. If you don’t see a product or industry mentioned on our site, call us. Chances are we have working knowledge that can get you the right high performance product to satisfy your needs.