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Esprix Technologies is pleased to announce the commercial availability of the following products:

Published Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Methyl Cyclo Hexane (C7H14) – CAS #: 108-87-2

Methyl Cyclo Hexane is an interesting high-purity “green” solvent for very specialized usage in a wide variety of markets and applications and is now available in bulk and in drums.

Contact: Brian Roberts, Senior Vice President Microelectronics/Microparticles/Silk Screen Imaging/Textile Chemistries

HB-35 Hybrid Particle

HB-35 is the latest advancement in Meisei’s LimeJet Series of Hybrid Particle synergist/adjuncts specifically developed for application within the ink jet receptive layer for paper, film, canvas and non-woven textile media, where Silica Gel type porous inorganic particles are currently being used.

HB-35 has demonstrated both improved ink absorption, better adhesion to the base media, and increased cohesion to the silica particulates, when used at a replacement rate of 10~15% of the Silica.

HB-35 also provides improved optical densities and color gamut. In addition, color bleeding is reduced.

HB-35 is composed of 2~4 micron average particle size precipitated Calcium Carbonate with Silicon Dioxide, which is then incorporated with Meisei’s proprietary water-soluble cationic polymeric technologies. The cationic nature of HB-35 enhances its compatibility with the other cationic additives found in typical formulations, which synergistically improves the inkjet ink’s attributes, yielding better image quality.

Contact: Philip W. Nace, Jr., Founder


Esprix introduces a new, high-performance engineering resin, Ketoprix, an aliphatic polyketone.  Ketoprix is a semicrystalline, fairly high temperature (220 C melt point), engineering resin that can be used as a natural polymer or compounded with colorants, additives, fillers, fiber reinforcement, conductivity dopants, etc.  We offer many compounded and natural polymer grades of Ketoprix.  Please check out all that Esprix's Ketoprix can do for your application on our Engineering Polymers web page.

Contact: Cary Veith, President