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Automotive Flux & Brazing

Esprix FL-7 Aluminum Brazing Flux used in Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) and Solvent Free Paint Flux (FluxCoat) to make Automotive/Truck/Vehicle and HVAC Heat Exchangers

FL-7 Aluminum Brazing Compound (flux) has been the consistent quality leader in the industry for making aluminum heat exchangers via the controlled atmosphere (CAB) process for more than 20 years.

Careful production control of the eutectic melting point composition results in the FL-7 melting at a consistently lower temperature. This small difference provides superior gap/clearance and flux spread ability performance.

Often, customers will come to Esprix Technologies when they no longer want the flux performance to be a variable in their process. Aluminum heat exchanger producers that have good control over their process can take advantage of the consistent application performance of the FL-7 by feeling confident that using lower flux loading will result in the best possible first pass braze results.

The overall benefits of using lower flux loadings to make an aluminum heat exchanger are significant. Esprix Technologies customers know that the flux often represents less than 0.5% of the cost to make a heat exchanger. Even if the flux had no cost it would not make our customers more competitive in the market. The more significant benefits of lower FL-7 loadings result in superior appearance (brighter, shinier), reduced maintenance cost and longer furnace muffle life.

FluxCoat is a 100% water based paint flux with zero VOCs, moderate flux adhesion using an organic binder system that burns off clean in the CAB process. This product can help to solve or improve internal brazing problems.

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